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The 15 Best Spring Jackets for Women in 2020

Our love of cozy winter jackets runs deep—those walking down-feather sleeping bags serve as trusty shields against the elements, year after year. But the best spring jackets, with their bright colors and fresh silhouettes, are exponentially more fun. And even if you’re only venturing outside right now to pick up groceries, spring brings unpredictable weather.…

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The Best Leather Jackets Are All On Sale Right Now

You may remember that in Miss Congeniality, Miss Rhode Island declares that April 15th is the perfect date, because “it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” It’s incredibly satisfying when you’re finally at the point where all you need to head out the door is a light jacket.…

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Women's Spring Jackets: The 5 Biggest Trends for 2019

The exercise of going through Fashion Week street style can quickly and easily turn into a game of “I Spy,” where the objects being sought are a handful of trendy garments that seemingly every stylish person attending the shows is clued in on. And since these are from the smack-dab middle of winter, we’re playing…

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Fall 2019 Fashion Week Trend: Fleece Jackets

The nostalgic, cozy allure of gorpcore had a moment at Fashion Week. Blame it on the winter or on how brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim and Coach are starting to embrace fleece in their collections—either way, we’re all (much warmer, much cozier) winners here. These new versions of the outdoorsy staple feature cool, graphic details…

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10 Warm, Affordable Puffer Jackets Under $250

If you’re still clinging to the idea that your trusty bomber jacket is all you need to leave the house, quick reminder here: It’s officially winter, and that means its time to break out the heavy artillery when it comes to outerwear. Rather than resign yourself to the same old black parka from here till…

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