Coach Sale: Best Boots, Bags, and Coats

January is a month for new beginnings, which happens to coincide with the annual Winter Outfit Slump, when, suddenly, the temperature drops and everything in your closet feels inadequate. Brands know this and time some of their most epic deals of the year to this moment. And if you’re looking to update those key cold-weather pieces—the boots, the warm jackets, the leather bags—look no further than Coach’s 50 percent off sale.

The American brand has gotten a major high-fashion boost over the past few years, signing on Selena Gomez as a collaborator and expanding its signature patterns beyond the double-C monograms you know and love from middle school to arty leopard prints and vintage-inspired florals. (Though, to be clear, the iconic logo is alive and well and looking mighty chic.) Coach’s ready-to-wear, meanwhile, makes the case for dressing like an extra in a Western, with oversize shearling coats, square-toed boots, and collared blouses embroidered with stars. And now, with a winter sale offering 50 percent off, your 2019 aesthetic can be one step closer to Gomez’s.

Shop all of the best bags, wallets, accessories, and ready-to-wear from Coach’s epic sale below.

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