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Consider Airbnb Adventures For Your Next Vacation

Experience a “Seaweed and Seafood” safari in Sweden. Discover ghost towns, alien sites, and haunted hotels from Utah to Nevada. “Like Airbnb Experiences, people can escape their day-to-day and put their screens and devices away,” said Joe Zadeh, Airbnb’s VP of Experiences. “But now instead of just a few hours, they have the option to…

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Why 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Is the Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

Crafting the perfect Halloween costume all comes down to timing: You need a reference that’s recognizable, yet fresh—news cycle permitting—on October 31. (Admit it: A Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande couples costume might not feel as on point as it did a few weeks ago.) When it’s down to the wire, Halloween procrastinators can always…

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