Consider Airbnb Adventures For Your Next Vacation

Experience a “Seaweed and Seafood” safari in Sweden.

pDiscover ghost towns alien sites and haunted hotels from Utah to Nevada.p

Discover ghost towns, alien sites, and haunted hotels from Utah to Nevada.

“Like Airbnb Experiences, people can escape their day-to-day and put their screens and devices away,” said Joe Zadeh, Airbnb’s VP of Experiences. “But now instead of just a few hours, they have the option to be fully immersed off-the-beaten-path, to push themselves out of their comfort zones and have experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

Right now, you can choose from over 200 exclusive adventures, all of which have been vetted for safety by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and are surprisingly affordable. Each escapade is all-inclusive, so food, lodging, and activities are covered, and prices start at $79 for an overnight to $5,000 for a luxe 10-day trek. (The average Adventure is $588 for a three-day trip.)

If you’re really looking to step it up, check out the once-in-a-lifetime Around the World in 80 Days trip, which will take a select number of guests to 18 countries across six continents in various types of transportation for from September 1 to November 19, 2019. If you’re interested in that one, act fast: Spots go on sale June 20 and the whole thing clocks in at a competitive $5,000.

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