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Dalgona Coffee Recipe: How to Make the Internet's Favorite, Fluffiest Quarantine Drink

Nothing—not even a global pandemic—should come between us and iced-coffee season. Enter: this simple, impressive dalgona coffee recipe. Remaining inside for weeks on end, staring out the window, preparing increasingly decadent grilled cheese sandwiches—these all pass for premier indoor activities now. I feel fortunate to be safe and never farther than three feet away from…

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Here's How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated a Happy New Year

Happy New Year—and welcome to a new decade! Celebs celebrated 2020 everywhere from house parties to their own couches, proving sometimes they are just like us. However, some—like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner—went super glam for their New Year’s Eve shindigs at undisclosed locations. Reese Witherspoon popped bottles of champagne and Joe Jonas and Sophie…

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