Rihanna's Leg Hair Has Social Media Cancelling Shaving This Summer

As a worldwide phenomenon, Rihanna can walk out the door and likely do anything she wants. Some days that means reinventing foundation; other days, she’s announcing that Fenty is going into lingerie. And yet, even Rihanna has slow days. Sometimes she just wants to catch some sun, take some selfies, and skip the grind of having to shave every damn day.

On Wednesday, the singer posted a series of photos on Instagram that capture her doing exactly that—and commenters were quick to praise Rih for once again not conforming to beauty standards. The scenario is a familiar one for anyone who’s taken advantage of warm weather without carving out time to shave first (because truly, who’s going to pass up sunlight to spend some quality time with an overpriced pink razor?). Clearly, people are relating to it. The shot has already gotten 2.5 million likes (at the time of publishing) and counting.

Fans were also praising the “stretch marks” they spotted in Rihanna’s last photo. Although as it turns out, the streaks on her skin are actually a trick of the light (really)—which Rihanna pointed out to fans. “I got stretch marks but dats the sun 😂,” she wrote in the comments. Regardless, people on social media are celebrating the representation.

And with that, Rihanna joins the growing number of celebrities normalizing bodies as they are. Bella Thorne, Paris Jackson, and Jessica Simpson have all recently shared photos of their leg hair as well. It’s not the longest list, but it’s better than nothing.

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