11 Best Hoodies for Women 2020: Champion, Tory Sport, & More

We’re holding on a little tighter to the things that matter most to us these days—and for me, that means hand-me-down sweaters and hoodies “borrowed” from friends. I’ve taken comfort in the large, worn-in hoodies that I’ve owned for years—the ones that are a little frayed on the edges but carry a ton of memories. Whether I’m sitting at my desk all day; attempting (read: failing) my 14th TikTok dance, or dailing into a Zoom happy hour, the best hoodies for women (and sweatshirts, for that matter) make me feel comfortable and stylish despite the fact that most of my fashion has taken a hit in the last month.

But now that living in loungewear is basically a given, my wardrobe needed a refresh. I searched high and low (or at least through every page of my favorite shopping sites) for the best hoodies and sweatshirts available right now. From tie-dye to the fuzziest styles you’ve ever seen, shop 11 hoodies and sweatshirts that are equal parts new and nostalgic.

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