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Here's When Friends Is Returning to Streaming

Are you ready for some good news? Friends is coming back to streaming—and it’s happening sooner than you think. If that news has you jumping up and down and wildly clapping—like that time Phoebe and Rachel spotted Monica and Chandler making out from the window of Ross’s apartment—you are very much not alone. If anything…

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The Best Shows Streaming on Amazon Prime Video Right Now

Amazon has become so much more than the place where you can order unicorn pool floats from and have them delivered the next day. With Prime Video, the megastore has also become an important streaming platform that’s home to some of your favorite old shows. And along with building a library, Amazon Prime Video is…

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The Best Shows Streaming on Hulu Right Now

Given that there’s basically a new show streaming every single day, the task of figuring out what to watch⁠—and where you can see it⁠—is fairly daunting. One of those places, of course, is Hulu, which has created quite the library of original TV shows and old fan favorites. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the…

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