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Moms Need More Friends to Vent With

But women’s candor isn’t always met with acceptance, especially when it comes from mothers who are being honest about their partners and children. “I worry about vocalizing being frustrated because I get the, ‘Well, it’s your choice to have four kids,’” Shauna says. “And I do think about that sometimes—there are people who’d kill for…

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Mom’s Night Out Shouldn’t Exist

Part of the reason we even have a perceived need for “mom’s night out” is that parenting has undergone a fundamental shift. In his New York Times review of journalist Jennifer Senior’s book All Joy and No Fun, Andrew Solomon writes that “parenthood as we know it—predicated on the unconditional exaltation of our children—is no…

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11 Things Moms Want to Shop On Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Finally, a happy medium between tight leggings and saggy sweatpants. These are perfect—the high waist sits exactly right, while the deep pockets are so handy (and cozy). Athleta Venice Jogger, $89 Fancy Night Cream ‘’Tis the season when your skin basically dries up and blows away, so take this opportunity to scoop up some of…

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