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Are Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Dating? An Investigation

Throw on your extra-long Ralph Lauren trench coats and bust out your magnifying glasses, because we have a mystery on our hands that’s sending millennials into a tizzy: Are Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra dating? What? You haven’t heard of the alleged romance between the patron saint of muscle shirts and Duchess Meghan Markle’s best…

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What Do Jade Rollers Do? An Investigation

The first time I saw a jade roller, what I really saw was yet another thing that would collect dust in my bathroom cabinet. I know, I know: It’s really pretty. But also, it’s just a rock. Then when I began to see jade rollers everywhere, I still felt pretty smug about not falling for…

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LA Times Publisher Placed on Unpaid Leave Amid Inappropriate Conduct Investigation

Post-Weinstein, the Los Angeles Times has been at the forefront of coverage surrounding recent allegations of sexual harassment by powerful men, frequently within the entertainment and media industries. Now, its own publisher and CEO, Ross Levinsohn, was placed on an unpaid leave of absence Friday while the paper’s parent company, Tronc, investigates allegations of inappropriate…

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