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'A Simple Favor' Spoilers: 17 Bonkers Things Blake Lively Says and Does in the Movie

Caution: This post contains major spoilers for A Simple Favor. Seriously, do not continue if you don’t want the ending spoiled! It’s impossible to overstate how perfectly cast Blake Lively is as Emily, the mysterious, gin-martini-swilling PR exec in A Simple Favor (in theaters now). She delivers her lines—most of which are delightfully over-the-top—with ease…

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Come See Your Favorites Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in the First Trailer for 'A Simple Favor'

It seems like Blake Lively‘s character Emily has the perfect life in the upcoming film A Simple Favor—but then she suddenly disappears, leaving her husband, son, and new friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) reeling. As seen in the film’s first full trailer, which arrived Friday morning, it’s difficult to tell whether Emily was more indecipherable before…

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