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Best Plus Size Jeans: Universal Standard’s Seine High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Most people describe their aesthetics las “always wears black” or “free-spirited, could-be-at-a-music-festival-anytime boho chic.” Mine is “never wears pants.” I’m like the opposite of Tobias Funke in Arrested Development, because you will rarely catch me in denim. I’m a petite (5’1”), plus size (18/20) woman with a long torso and short legs. Pants always ride…

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Nina Dobrev Is Done With Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Although everyone knows that social media is not real life, it’s something easy to forget that when you’re looking at a filtered feed. Nina Dobrev, however, is on a mission to make the Internet a little more real. In an interview for the September 2017 cover of Ocean Drive magazine, the Vampire Diaries star opened…

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