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How to Sleep Better: The $70 Billion Question

The ideal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit, according to the National Sleep Foundation. 9. Drink water, not coffee in the morning If you typically wake up feeling like coffee is the only thing that will save your poor broken soul, we get it. But according to the sleep experts, it…

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To Find Insomnia Cures, I Went to a Sleep Boot Camp

My beauty routine may change every time a shiny palette catches my eye, but my morning routine is consistent: I roll out of bed after little to no sleep, trip over my slippers, then blearily scroll through a new batch of unread emails. It’s been like this for eight years. On a recent Monday morning,…

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Sex? Yes. Sleep Over? No Thanks.

At 41, I’m a woman who’s been taught since the day I was born to constantly sacrifice my own best interests, comfort, and often safety, to almost bend myself into a goddamn pretzel at times, for the sake of men’s comfort, needs, and feelings. We women are all trained that way, right? Men, however, have…

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