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16 Best At-Home Hair Color & Hair Dye Boxes in 2020

If social media has anything to say about it, we’re all starting to wonder what the best at-home hair color is. Call it self-care or feeling stir crazy, but with hair salons closed for the time being because of the coronavirus pandemic, learning how to dye your hair at home is suddenly sounding better by…

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23 Best Spring Hair Color Ideas of 2020

While we generally celebrate the end of winter with a trip to the salon for one the best spring hair colors, things are different this year. Most salons are now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic—even if they aren’t you shouldn’t step foot inside one—and by the time we’re all out of sheltering in place,…

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Kendall Jenner Now Has an Ombré Hair Color — Photos

Between being a model, a member of the Kardashian-Jenner brood, and a spokesperson for a styling-tool brand, Kendall Jenner‘s hair is pretty much always in the spotlight. So even if she posts an Instagram photo that has nothing to do with her hair, it can steal the show, especially when she’s sporting a look other…

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Brown Ale Hair Is Fall's Coolest New Hair Color

Just as you might swap a pale summer ale for something heartier when the temperature drops, hair colors are following suit for fall. Sure, that’s nothing unusual for this time of year, but this season, thanks to hair colorist Colin Caruso, it’s a bit more, well, literal. While visiting a brewery earlier this fall, the…

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Tweed Hair Is the Coolest New Color Trend for Fall

Ever since the technique went big in 2014, balayage—or, hand-painting highlights directly onto hair—has become to gold standard for natural, lived-in hair color. It’s also crucial for getting the swirling, dimensional look that makes fun color trends like Iced Coffee and Mushroom Blonde possible. While balayage is also key for getting flannel hair right, there’s…

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21 Best Red Hair Color Ideas for 2019

If you saw Zendaya‘s red hair on the Emmys red carpet and screamed, you’re not alone. Her hair, previously her natural brown, was such a perfect shade of copper, it had half the Internet seriously considering a visit to the salon. Z isn’t the only one going red; in the past month or so, the…

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