Kate Middleton and Mary Berry Are Joining Forces for a Holiday Cooking Show

Our two favorite British worlds are colliding soon!

In the purest news of the day, the Sun reports that Kate Middleton and Mary Berry will appear together on a holiday special. The Duchess of Cambridge and The Great British Bake Off’s beloved judge alumna will join forces for a BBC1 seasonal special, in which they’ll work together to make a Christmas feast for charity workers.

The program is reportedly being called “The Mary Berry Royal Christmas Show.” Middleton and Berry apparently have already bonded over their shared love of charity work, and the show will put their friendship on TV for an important meal. The Mirror suggests that the feast might be hosted at “royal venue,” and that Berry will be in charge of the food, while Middleton will help out. “They will bring seasonal goodwill to their guests and to the millions of viewers watching. Expect a properly uplifting Christmas treat,” the Mirror‘s source added. There’s no premiere date quite yet so fans will just have to keep an eye out.

Middleton seems to be more comfortable with TV and film projects these days; back in September, sources said she took a meeting with Love Actually director Richard Curtis to discuss a potential collaboration on something involving mental health. It’s still not totally clear what they’re cooking up, but it all seems to reinforce the idea that Middleton has been taking charge more, doing things she likes, and focusing on causes that are important to her. A People story pointed out that in addition to confidently steering work on parenthood and child development, she’s allegedly writing her own speeches and showing more of her personality while meeting with U.K. organizers. Even the Queen is said to be quite proud of her lately!

“She is now more open with what she wants to say, and funnily enough, she is more relaxed as well,” a family source told People. It looks like this TV moment with Mary Berry is going to offer another chance for Middleton to get personal—and a delightful opportunity for all of us to see this adorable friendship keep unfolding.

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