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2000s Prom Hair Is Cool Again

We haven’t even made it to February and already 2020 is shaping up to be an extremely controversial year for hair. First, we saw the return of the mullet (enough said), and now another trend from the past is back to haunt us: Prom hair. You know the look. In fact, you probably rocked it…

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Why Did We All Have Side Bangs in the 2000s?

“As someone who (this is true) once won a giant Tweety Bird at a fair because someone guessed I was six when I was 12, I spent most of the early 2000s desperately trying to look my actual age. Somehow I hoped side bangs would help? I pinned my hopes and dreams on Miley Cyrus,…

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Scarf Tops Are the Early 2000s Trend You Need to Revisit

Peak-2000 items are making their way from our hazy, O.C.-tinged memories and back to the market. (See the ultra low-rise jeans, terry cloth everything….) Revisiting the archives of the early aughts, one Beyoncé-favored piece has quietly been rising among summer trends, as seen everywhere from Bella Hadid’s street style to Zara’s new arrivals: the barely…

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