Why Did We All Have Side Bangs in the 2000s?

“As someone who (this is true) once won a giant Tweety Bird at a fair because someone guessed I was six when I was 12, I spent most of the early 2000s desperately trying to look my actual age. Somehow I hoped side bangs would help? I pinned my hopes and dreams on Miley Cyrus, whose bangs seemed to imply a certain level of maturity that I obviously lacked. Did it work? All I know is that I still get asked for ID at bars. I’m 27.” —Mattie Kahn, culture director

“I got thick side bangs because I, for some reason, was very taken with the idea of being a woman who haphazardly gives a subtle shake of her head to get them out of her eyes. I also was inundated with images of 2000s-era Mischa Barton and Jennifer Aniston, both of whom were massive superstars at the time and looked so fresh and modern with sideswept fringe.” —Perrie Samotin, digital director

Why Did We All Have Side Bangs in the 2000s

“Nicole Richie was always my girl. I was obsessed with her Rachel Zoe boho chic makeover, loved her on The Simple Life, and for a long time (once she got the makeover, obvi) she was my style icon. While I couldn’t afford her clothes, I COULD get her bangs. And boy did I ever. To very mixed results…” —Samantha Leach, assistant culture editor

Why Did We All Have Side Bangs in the 2000s

I don’t really remember why I got The Bangs. Judging by my other choices at the time, I think I wanted to seem fashion-y, but also like someone who has a lot of feelings (read: emo girl). And they gave me a great excuse to flirtatiously brush hair out of my eyes. —Sarah Olin, art director

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