The Love Is Blind Finale Has Arrived—and It's a Wild Ride of Emotions

This post contains spoilers for Netflix’s Love Is Blind, so consider yourself warned.

Netflix dropped the finale of their latest reality show, Love Is Blind, on February 27 and, honestly, it’s much-watch programming. In brief, the show is about a bunch of single people who moved into a house and tried to figure out if they could find their spouses without ever seeing the person until after they got engaged. Once that happened, they went on a vacation to get to know each other better, went home, moved in, met each other’s friends and family, and had to decide whether or not to go through with their weddings.

I was actually surprised at how emotionally invested I was in these relationships after such a short time. Some stories are sweet, others trainwrecks. Basically, just like real life.

So, who actually said “I do” in the finale, and what did the internet have to say about it? Because you know people had thoughts. Let’s break it down:

Giannina and Damian: I don’t!

The finale got off to a shocking start when Damian said he was not willing to marry Giannina, citing her up and down emotions during their short relationship. She took off, Runway Bride-style, out of the venue and into the woods, where the poor thing fell in the mud. Honestly, Giannina should be the next Bachelorette—unless Netflix has them locked into non-compete clauses in their contracts. This woman belongs on reality television.

Kelly and Kenny: I don’t!

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