The Suits Series Finale Made Several Meghan Markle References

I like to imagine that somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa last night, Meghan Markle put baby Archie to bed, curled up with a glass of wine, and watched the Suits series finale.

Even though she’s said that she hasn’t kept up with her former show after leaving in 2017, this was the final episode. And if she did watch, Markle would have discovered that the Suits crew found some clever ways to involve her and her character, Rachel Zane. Granted, some fans were hoping for an actual cameo, but creator Aaron Korsh told Deadline that he didn’t even ask the Duchess of Sussex. “I thought about asking, and I thought about even using audio footage that we have to come up with something, and in the end I didn’t ask, and I just thought, ‘I’m going to respect her new life and not put her in the position of having to ask.’ We decided not to put her in that position so I never asked,” he said.

So how did they end up making Markle part of the finale? First, during a scene with her TV dad, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), a photo of the two of them was easily visible on his desk.

Later, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) says to Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), “You’re not the prince of England,” which is perhaps a subtle nod to the actual prince of England that Markle married.

Then, in the final moments of the show, Harvey gets reflective as he and now-wife Donna plan to leave New York to work with Mike and Rachel in Seattle. We then see a montage, in which Markle’s character appears.

Nigel Perry/USA Network

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