This Story About Baby Archie Fixing the Royal 'Feud' Is Cracking Me Up

Baby Archie only arrived last week, but he’s already been tasked, reportedly, with something big: fixing the so-called “feud” between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William.

I just…I have a lot of feelings about this. On the one hand, sure: New babies coming into a family are known to ease tensions or rifts. There’s simply no time to be passive aggressive toward your annoying brother-in-law from Texas when there’s a screaming child in the house. But on the other: LOL, what? Baby Archie has only been on this planet for 11 days. He shouldn’t have to bother himself with his famous family’s problems. All he needs to be worrying about at the present moment is napping.

According to People magazine, Baby Archie gives Prince William and Prince Harry, who have allegedly grown apart over the last few years, an opportunity to reconnect.

“William and Harry will want their children to know their cousins and do things together, so they will work harder at their relationship,” a source close to the royal family tells People. “The brothers will have a different kind of relationship and move on.”

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Look, I get it: If a feud does exist—and that’s a big if—then Baby Archie probably will help the two princes put their differences aside. But now all I’m picturing is Archie wearing a three-piece suit and playing couple’s therapist to his father and uncle. In my mind, they’ll all meet in Archie’s vegan paint-colored nursery and hash out their issues. Archie will have to take naps every two minutes, of course, because he’s a literal baby. And his counseling rate would be $500 an hour, at minimum.

I kid, I kid. Archie’s arrival is obviously cause for celebration and an opportunity to mend any fences within the royal core four. Keep in mind, though, that a feud might not even exist. Royals expert Katie Nicholl told Glamour a few months back that any stories of drama between either William and Harry or Kate and Meghan are grossly exaggerated.

“I think this idea of there being a catfight between [Meghan and Kate] has made tantalizing headlines, but I don’t believe that,” she said. “I’ve never heard from my sources that there has ever been a feud or a falling-out. I had heard about an upset over the dress fitting for Princess Charlotte. And I had heard that while Harry was very keen for the two of them to become best friends, there was never that sort of a friendship.”

Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Baby Archie on May 8 2019.
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She continued, “I think there is some truth to there having been some tension—not just between the duchesses but between the dukes, as well. As we all know, things can gather momentum pretty quickly. So while I think there’s been tension, I don’t believe there has been some feud.”

For what it’s worth, a source tells People that despite all the changes happening in the royal family (like the core four splitting offices), “There is never any doubt that [Harry and William] will be there for each other 100 percent and support each other when it matters.”

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