Rain can't stop this parade: Edmonton AM hits the streets

On a particularly rainy spring morning in Edmonton, there was nothing to do but dance, and make a little radio in the rain.

Mark Connolly, Tara McCarthy and the rest of the Edmonton AM crew laced up their walking shoes on Wednesday for a special edition of the morning show.

The CBC show broadcast live from the streets of Edmonton all morning. 

With umbrella-hats well-secured and gumboots on, the crew snaked its way across downtown.

The early morning tour took them from the lobby of the Hotel Macdonald and the river valley funicular to the heights of Stantec Tower and the pyramids of city hall.

Relying on a few pull carts full of radio gear and a generous supply of tarps and garbage bags, there was no way a little inclement weather was going to stop this parade.

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