Watch Lili Reinhart Critique 'Riverdale' Makeup Tutorials

At any given second, tons of beauty vloggers are uploading YouTube tutorials inspired by their favorite shows. And with a fan base as passionate as Riverdale‘s, that means there are a lot of Lili Reinhart-inspired “Betty Cooper” looks on the Internet. Who can blame them? Whether it’s thanks to a character or the actor playing them, sometimes you really just want to be someone you see on-screen. It used to be you would pause a movie or TV show (or “Hit Me Baby One More Time”—no, just me?) and stare at the scene while creating your best attempt at their iconic look. YouTube has changed the playing field completely, and now the recreations out there are incredibly spot-on.

As a gifted special effects makeup artist herself, Lili Reinhart knows the lay of the makeup land—for instance, exactly what it takes to create clown makeup that will haunt your dreams. If anyone has an eye for how vloggers’ “Betty Cooper” makeup stands up to the real deal, it’s Lili herself. Above, watch honest comments, critiques, and compliments straight from the source.

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