An Aaliyah MAC Collection Is Happening By Popular Demand

MAC fans probably remember where they were last September when the news broke that, thanks to a petition, the brand would be releasing a collection around music icon Selena Quintanilla. Not to throw around the phrase “broke the Internet,” but it legit broke the Internet—the combination of MAC lovers and Selena fans was no joke, and the collection sold out literally in minutes. Basking in the success of the brand responding to what people want, fans then asked for the next dream collab: an Aaliyah x MAC collection in honor of the legendary late singer. Flash forward one year later, and the Internet’s power for turning fantasy into reality knows no bounds: that Aaliyah collection is actually happening.

Announced today, MAC told fans to stay tuned in 2018 for #AaliyahforMAC, which launches next summer. Those are literally the only details available, other than the tagline that, “Aaliyah is truly one in a million — an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all. Today we join her countless fans in celebrating her with the announcement of the M·A·C Aaliyah collection. You made it happen!” There’s no putting a number on the amount of people who have been influenced by her music, but heading over to gives a little clarity: 26,187 supporters (and counting) have signed the petition.

According to the petition creator—one Jennifer Risinger, hero—both Missy Elliott and Rashad Haughton, Aaliyah’s brother, have condoned the ask. Haughton says Aaliyah was a big fan of MAC, and her go-to products were Cherish lipstick, Chestnut lipliner, and Espresso eyeshadow, alongside the since-discontinued Chelsea lipstick and Biscuit eyeshadow (side note, props that Haughton held on to that knowledge).

Speaking to what fans want to see, Risinger writes that they’re hoping for eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, contour and highlight powder, face powder, false lashes, and eyebrow pencils that represent and are inspired by Aaliyah. In the petition, she wrote: “Aaliyah stands for MAC’s mission of ‘All ages, All races, All sexes.’ She was a risk taker, innovator, edgy, street but sweet, and R & B’s princess. She continues to influence today’s mainstream artists and people around the world still love and celebrate her life and music every year.”

PHOTO: Blackground Records and Atlantic Records

Fans went full picture on what their fantasy Aaliyah collection would look like, asking for the packaging to draw on the iconic blue-toned print on the cover of her album “One in a Million.” The album’s 20th anniversary is this year, and given the rabid turnout MAC’s Selena collection received, it’s a safe bet to guess that the reception is going to be insane. So long as there’s a shade called “Rock the Boat.” We demand it.

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