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Victoria shoebox campaign collects gifts for children in remote and northern communities

Colourful socks, sunglasses, gel pens and a personalized note. These are some of the items listed as possible gifts to be packed into shoeboxes that will be sent to children living in remote and northern Indigenous communities. The shoebox campaign is run by I Love First Peoples, a majority Indigenous Canadian charity founded in 2012. Lynn Cole is…

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Nunavut creates country food safety guidelines to boost traditional menus across territory

Nunavut now has food safety guidelines on how to handle and serve country food in the territory — especially to people who are already sick, or have weak immune systems. The guidelines, titled “Serving Country Food in Government-Funded Facilities and Community Programs” was created in hopes to increase access to country food across the territory’s…

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What does treaty education look like in Saskatchewan?

Treaty education in Saskatchewan — brought into the spotlight by recent controversial comments by the province’s education minister — is continuing to adapt and change since it was made mandatory in the province’s schools a decade ago. But some say there’s still room for growth. The government’s most recent guidelines were released in 2013 and included four…

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