Kaia Gerber Gave Herself a Tattoo in Quarantine

I’ve been obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ Daisy campaigns since the day the perfume launched. In high school, my walls were plastered with the ads torn out of magazines. I wore the fragrance religiously, and to this day, the hazy, dreamy commercials transport me to a fantasy world. So naturally, I was thrilled to chat with Kaia Gerber, who has starred in the past few campaigns, only to discover she feels the exact same.

“Every time I get to go back and work with Marc, it just feels like a family,” says the 18-year-old model. “I feel so grateful to work with people who are so lovely. They create such a warm, loving environment, which I think you can really see in the campaign. All that laughter, and when we’re running through the field, we’re actually having an incredible time.”

We could all use a bit of that warm feeling and escapism right now, including Gerber, who’s currently self isolating at home in L.A. She might be a supermodel—and the progeny of one; her mom is Cindy Crawford!—but when it comes to quarantine beauty temptations, she’s just like the rest of us. Currently, she’s debating a major haircut, a new tattoo, and a DIY mani. Like I said, relatable. Ahead, she answers all of Glamour’s Big Beauty Questions, including her beauty must-haves, biggest inspirations, and how she’s keeping calm in quarantine.

How does wearing Daisy make you feel?

It’s a super feminine, youthful scent. It just brings me back since I’ve been wearing it since I was 12 or 13. It’s a very comforting smell.

Has your self-care routine changed at all while we’ve been stuck in isolation?

I’ve had more time to do self-care, which I’ve been trying to take advantage of. I’ve been wearing less makeup and taking more time to make sure my skin is good. I think eating healthy, cooking, and drinking a lot of water has been really good for it. A lot of times I fill up on junk food—when you’re working, it’s hard to monitor what you’re putting in your body. Focusing on my internal health really has helped with my skin.

Are you loving any certain nail colors right now? Have you tried anything fun while we’re in quarantine?

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