'This Is Us' Season Four Finale Recap: Who Is the Mother of Kevin's Child?

Back at Toby and Kate’s house, Kevin and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart. She admits she changed her mind about the clinical trial because she began to view it as “an investment in my future.” Kevin now knows. Rebecca knows that Kevin knows. And we know that World War III is about to break out when Kevin confronts Randall. The scene that follows is one of the most intense this show has ever done. At first, Randall pretends he has no idea what Kevin is talking about, before finally admitting he needed to do whatever was necessary to give their mom the best possible chance. Kevin is furious that Randall couldn’t side with him just this once. Randall tries to walk away, but Kevin goes after him. Then Madison shows up at the house, and Kevin says it’s not a good time. Randall ends up leaving, and Madison blurts out that she’s pregnant. “You’re the father,” she says. “And I know I’m a complete stranger to you, and I know how much you love your high-school girlfriend, but I’ve decided I’m going to go through with this. You don’t know my medical history, but this is kind of a miracle for me. But I need you to know I will not ask anything of you, emotionally, financially, all of it. You can still find the great love story you deserve.” Kevin whispers he might pass out and says he needs some air, but isn’t walking away from the conversation.

Of course, when he goes outside for air, he runs into Randall. The two argue about who’s really been there for Rebecca over the years. Then Kevin says if he was there the night of the fire, he would have been able to save Jack. Randall counters, “But you weren’t there, and when he died, he died ashamed of you. I think that’s the part that really gets you…the shame he felt for you and the pride he felt for me. You’ll never know what it’s like to devote yourself to anyone other than yourself. You’ll pretend but it will just be a performance. A tired, stale performance, like all of your performances.”

The whole thing is awful, sad, and beyond uncomfortable. Kevin then says he used to think the worst thing that happened to him was the day his dad died, but it was actually the day they brought Randall home. Shit. Kevin goes back to the house and declares that he’s all in with Madison. “I’m sick of chasing ghosts,” he says. “I’m all in, Madison. Whatever you need, I’m all in. I want to be a father. I think I’d be great at it.” Madison then admits she’s not just pregnant with his child, but his children. Twins. While this is all happening, we see Cassidy pay Nicky a visit in his trailer, followed by Sophie in Time’s Square looking up at Kevin’s cologne ad. (You just know we haven’t seen the last of them. Well played, Dan Fogelman.)

In the last few minutes, older Kevin—with a wedding ring on—is back at Rebecca’s bedside. His twin daughter is there, too. Nicky’s there as well and wearing a wedding ring. When Randall enters, Kevin puts his hand on his brother’s back. So no matter what’s happened in the time since, they’ll come together when it counts.

Whew. With so much to unpack, we called up Justin Hartley to get more details on those scenes with Sterling K. Brown, my theory about Kevin’s future, and more. Read on.

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