LeAnn Rimes on How Music Helps Her Mental Health

Music has always played such an important role in your life. How does it factor into your mental health?

LeAnn: Creating is the most joyous thing in my book. Creativity gives me a place to express my depth and complexity. I’ve learned that creative energy, left untapped, shows up in my body as anxiety and anger, and I have a lot of creativity that needs to move through me somehow on a daily basis. Music has been my go to outlet since I can remember. It has been the space where I feel I can be the fullest expression of myself. These days, along with music, I am exploring other ways to create with my voice. Everything from writing for my blog, “Soul Of EverLe,” to public speaking, acting, leading chanting and meditation, and candle making. My whole life is one big creation, at least that is the way I view it. Every moment can be art if we treat it as such.

Selena Gomez is another singer in the public eye who’s been open about her mental health. I know you covered her song “Lose You to Love Me.” Have the two of you ever connected on this topic?

LeAnn: I mean, the two of us are two of many who have experienced challenges with mental health in the music industry. One of the reasons why I covered “Lose You To Love Me” for the LovE Sessions is how painfully honest and raw the lyrics are. What beautiful art was made, out of a heart, being broken open. It takes dredging through a certain amount of darkness to create something that authentic and true. Thank God for art and courage.

You’re open about how important self-care is in your life. Do you have any self-care tips?

LeAnn: Find what brings you joy and make it non-negotiable. Do at least one thing that brings you joy every day. It can be as simple as a piece of dark chocolate, taking a walk in nature, taking the time to cook a meal or lighting candles throughout your house… which is my personal favorite and I create my own!

Any self-care products you swear by?

LeAnn: I carry Doterra Siberian Fir oil with me wherever I go. It helps me stay grounded and come back into my body. I also really love the Insight Timer app for on-the-go, guided meditations. I am a contributor and a teacher on the app too. I create and share meditation and chanting. It’s been a very cathartic way of using my voice to help others relax and heal.

What would you say are the most important things to you right now?

LeAnn: My husband [Eddie Cibrian], stepsons, our dog Fleetwood, my own spirit and bringing its authentic expression out into the world, my connection to the divine, growth, being a conduit for creation to flow through, music, wholeness, connection, space, rest, joy, nature, quiet.

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