This Video of Prince Harry Fixing Meghan Markle's Ponytail Will Warm Your Heart

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal tour of southern Africa kicked off on Monday, September 23, and it seems like they’re having a great time. Day one of the festivities, which took place in Cape Town, included some dancing, a moving speech about female empowerment, and a viral moment involving Markle’s ponytail.

What’s that last one, you ask? Well, I’ll show you. At some point during the day, Markle and Prince Harry stopped by a workshop in Cape Town’s Nyanga township that educates children on self-empowerment, where they posed for a few pics with students. As the photographer snapped away, Prince Harry noticed Markle’s ponytail was a bit out of place, and he casually fixed it for her. The Duchess of Sussex seemed unfazed by the move and just kept smiling for photos.

Check out the sweet moment for yourself, below. The duke is always looking out! (The Markle Instagram fan account, @_duchess_of_sussex, has the footage.)

This isn’t the first time Prince Harry has done something like this. Last year at an engagement, he fixed Markle’s hair after the wind slightly messed it up:

Prince Harry and Markle will explore several parts of southern Africa on their tour, including Malawi and Angola. Here are just a few photos from their first day in Cape Town:

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