10 Makeup Artists on the All-Time Best Products Ever

There’s something about back-to-school time that calls for a refresh. That’s why this week we’re throwing it back to the basics: putting “easy” makeup hacks to the test and a spotlight on the simple products that’ll make a big difference. Class is now in session.

There’s no denying that being a makeup artist is a pretty sweet gig. Not only can they call getting lost in Sephora a project for work, but many of the biggest artists get early access to new products before they hit shelves. With so many options, they could easily keep updating their kits, and yet every artist has the one product that—no matter how many other brands or versions of it they try—they keep going back to. Think of them as the perfect white tee or bag that goes with everything: They’re workhorse staples that deserve a permanent place in your makeup bag. The best part? Of all the recommendations we got, plenty are even found at the drugstore. Here are the products makeup pros say they can’t live without.

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