Taylor Swift's Backup Dancer Reportedly Fired After Posting Sexist Things on Instagram

A Taylor Swift backup dancer is coming under fire for reportedly posting a series of sexist and problematic Instagram Stories. The music news Twitter account Pop Crave captured screen shots that it claims came from Swift’s longtime background dancer, Kim “Toshi” Davidson.

The contents are offensive, to say the least: One suggests the Australia women’s soccer team should go “back to the kitchen” because they had a losing season. Another has the caption “every girl’s weakness,” alongside pictures of chloroform, a dish cloth, a forest, and a black van. The third photo makes a “joke” about sexual assault, which is disgusting, full stop, but even more deplorable because Swift herself is a survivor. (Swift recently won a lawsuit against a radio DJ who groped her at a meet-and-greet in 2013.)

According to the Daily Mail, Swift is “livid” over these posts and has fired Toshi as a result. (We reached out to Swift’s rep for confirmation and will update if we hear back.) Toshi, interestingly, was not at Swift’s latest Reputation Stadium Tour stop over the weekend. The two have worked together for years; in 2015 Swift even donated $50,000 to Toshi’s GoFundMe for his infant nephew, who had cancer.

Naturally, Swift’s fans are supporting her—as they always do in times like these.

Swift’s next concert date is this Friday, June 1. Stay tuned to see whether Toshi makes an appearance.

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