25 TV Shows Literally Everyone Will Be Watching This Summer

I get it: It’s summer, and the last thing you want to do is sit inside. There are so many pool parties with giant flamingo floats awaiting you! I promise I’m not trying to deprive you of that joy. That being said, when you do have some downtime—whether you’re sick or sunburned or hungover—you’ll need something to help pass the time. That’s where these 25 TV shows come in.

This summer’s new and returning TV series lineup is excellent. From beloved favorites coming back (hello, Younger) to soon-to-be smashes like Sweetbitter, the small screen’s trying to divert your attention from those rooftop happy hours—and, every now and then, you should indulge. Trust me: You’ll experience the same level of FOMO for missing the return of GLOW that you will for not going to the beach.

Below, check out all the TV happenings this summer that deserve your time.

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