New 'This Is Us' Photos Confirm Something Big About the Super Bowl Episode

The next episode of This Is Us isn’t airing until after the Super Bowl, but don’t worry: It’ll be worth the wait. Based on NBC’s hyperbolic promos instructing us to set our DVRs for “extra time,” it seems like this is going to be the episode: the one where all our questions are answered, including how Jack died. Cue that GIF of Rose from Titanic saying, “It’s been 84 years”—because it feels like that’s how long we’ve been waiting for this moment.

Granted, we did receive a tease with last week’s episode. The final five minutes revealed the cause of the fire that presumably killed Jack (spoiler: it was a Crock Pot—long story), but there’s still so much we don’t know. Why couldn’t Jack get out of the house in time? Did Kevin ever come home? Is Kate’s dog actually to blame for all of this?

Unfortunately, the photos NBC just released of the Super Bowl episode don’t answer these questions, but they do reveal something important: The episode doesn’t take place entirely on the night of the fire. In fact, these photos suggest the bulk of the episode happens in the preset-day, which is both confusing and intriguing. Is This Is Us going to wrap up the entire fire mystery in five minutes and then spend 37 on the Pearson’s Super Bowl shenanigans? Is what Beth and Randall cook on Game Day more important than Jack dying?

Peep the pictures for yourself, below, to get a taste of what’s to come. They’re pretty standard—but it’ll only be a matter of time before fans start with the theories.

Again, be sure to tune into the episode directly after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4. Try to save some wine for the occasion (like, an entire bottle). You’ll need it.

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