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How Athleisure Evolved Into Fashion's Obsession With All Things Outdoors

Now that Classpass-ready athleisure has sunken its spandex and sneakers into every element of modern dressing, fashion waves are starting to be made by clothes informed by more extreme, if not exposed forms of movement: less pilates, more mountaineering, fishing, skiing, and camping. Moving beyond track stripes and other obvious athletic elements, designers are zeroing…

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The Full Story Behind Cult Gaia's Ark, Fashion's Favorite—and Most Affordable—'It Bag'

It Bags tend to be exorbitant status symbols—often logo-laden and from iconic fashion houses with names like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Céline. Typically, they’re considered “investment pieces” that climb well into triple-digit price tag territory, or even past the $1,000 mark. On rare occasions, though, an accessory that’s devoid of some pedigreed designer name…

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