16 Best Cleaning Products to Keep Your Home Germ-Free Right Now

We never thought we’d spend so much time frantically wiping things down, but here we are. Our carts are filled with the best cleaning products and our homes have never looked (or smelled) this good since we moved in. With most of us on work-from-home duty until further notice, cleaning is now our new hobby. Following the deep clean you did in the early days of quarantine, you now have the time to actually do the spring cleaning you put off every year. It’s the chore we never made time for, but since we’re all in this weirdness together, we seem to have rekindled our relationship—and love—for cleaning.

A bathroom-scrub here, a kitchen cupboard-declutter there…things can get messy when you’re trying to clean—not to mention, wasteful. So we’re pleased to report modern brands are reimaging what a healthy home looks like by tackling the problem from your sink (or bathroom floor) up. Brands like Blueland, Supernatural, and Branch Basics are cutting down on single-use plastic by introducing you to reusable glass or plastic bottles. Others are changing the game by looking to the ingredients themselves, replacing harsh chemicals with essential oils that are less drying on your skin, easier on your lungs, and kinder on the planet.

Finding your tried-and-true staples at the grocery store or online is hard right now, which is why we looked for chic, modern cleaning supplies made with better-for-you and better-for-the-environment ingredients. From refillable multi-surface sprays to natural wool dryer balls that’ll survive hundreds of laundry loads, the products we found are smarter, safer—and not to mention, prettier—ways to keep your home clean and well-stocked. Ahead, 16 of the best cleaning products to add to cart right now.

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