15 Clever Shoe Storage & Organizer Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Living in a tiny New York City apartment means any open space is valuable real estate—and since we started working from home, I’m desperate for more. I’ve reorganized my closet, cleared out my kitchen, and am now looking for clever shoe storage ideas to deal with the many, many pairs I have lying listlessly around my bedroom. Sometimes it feels like there is just no way of containing them all—and while I do my best to donate or sell pairs I’m no longer wearing, there are definitely some keepers in my shoe collection (even if they’re getting negative mileage right now).

Pinterest ideas feel too lofty and time-consuming, so I called on my fellow Glamour staffers to see how they’ve been storing their shoes instead. After all, each editor has at least a pair of heels, sneakers, and every day flats at their desk—so I can only imagine what their homes look like. From felt bins to canvas bags, here are 15 clever and affordable shoe storage ideas so that you too can make the most of every nook and cranny in your room. (Hey, we’re in this together!)

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