What to Wear on a First Date in the Age of Coronavirus

The Social Distancing Scaries are real, but as weeks of life in insolation tick by, we’re finding fresh ways to stay connected in this uncharted reality. There’s no denying that a lack of IRL interaction can feel alienating, but social media and video call apps are keeping us in touch with friends and family, both around the corner or out of state—and it’s not stopping singles from getting to know potential new love interests. With virtual dating on the rise, could nixing the physical aspect of the early stages of dating lead to deeper emotional connections set to last long after the pandemic is over?

So you just started talking to a new cutie and you’re going to FaceTime. Even if you’re meeting for the first time over a Netflix Party, you’re probably planning on changing out of those days-old sweatpants and pimple patches. But what do you wear? A playful top will spruce up the four-by-four-inch box you’re occupying on your date’s screen—and a hint of highlighter for that dewy glow will definitely help you feel fresh (even if you literally just brushed Cheeto dust off your face). A virtual first impression still counts for something, and though they can’t smell your signature scent through the screen, you can still charm them with a statement sleeve.

From romantic blouses to no-makeup makeup, shop pieces for a winning first (virtual) date look. These will have you feeling confident looking deep into your laptop’s camera—because that’s where we’re at right now. If everything goes well, you can blow them away with perfect-fitting jeans once you finally meet in the flesh.

Whether you’ve been separated from your loved ones, found yourself plunged into self-quarantine with the someone you just met on Bumble, are single and navigating a whole new world of virtual dating, or are ready to call in the divorce lawyers after finding yourself in far too close proximity to your partner, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has reshaped our relationships drastically. So what is it really like to Love in the Time of Coronavirus?

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