Suits for Women are the Season’s Biggest Street-Style Trend

Suits for women: It’s clearly the biggest trend to emerge from Fashion Month, as we witnessed so many attendees showing up in variations of the classic in different colors and cuts.

Is it a subtle nod to the show that made Meghan Markle famous or did everyone get together and watch Blake Lively’s A Simple Plan and subsequent press tour in which she showed up in so, so many suits? Is it a nudge to the idea that a woman president could be on the horizon? Maybe it’s just more about the casual ease a suit can bring.

As you’ll see in the gallery below, there’s a style in pretty much every shade you can imagine on editors and influencers. Oversize blazers? Check. Double-breasted? Check. Plaids and patterns? Check. Oh, and if you prefer a 1980s-style shoulder—well, there are plenty of options there, as well.

There’s no “runway to real way” necessary here. Check out how to style suits for women in the gallery below—we’re seeing women pair their blazers and trousers with everything from plain T-shirts to chunky sneakers—then head over here to shop a large variety of spring’s best suits for women.

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