Comfortable Clothes to Work From Home In: Bandier, Free People, and More

As we settle into this unfamiliar reality, those with the option to work from home are practicing social distancing in an effort to prevent the coronavirus’s rapid spread and protect those most vulnerable. Resisting the urge to stay in your partner’s oversize hoodie all day can be tough, but a cute at-home outfit may help you maintain some semblance of normalcy while attempting to be productive. Aside from staying in the mental space to get things done, you’ll appear polished for the dreaded impromptu video call from your colleague—even if there’s a pint of Ben & Jerry’s perched just right out of frame.

If you needed a reason to bring knit sets or sweatsuits into your everyday wardrobe for spring, here it is. Staying comfortable during this time of uncertainty can help quell anxiety, but changing out of your pajamas will keep your purpose in sight—even if you haven’t seen your friends face-to-face in weeks. We’re right there with you, which is why we rounded up chic work-from-home looks that are civilized enough for a quick run to the corner store, but comfy enough for a disco nap.

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