16 Best Healthy Cookbooks to Inspire Your Next Skype Dinner

Just a few weeks ago, most of us were rushing through dinner, scarfing down lunch, and chugging coffee for breakfast. The healthy cookbooks on our shelves did little more than collect dust and catch the occasional side-eye before we called-in takeout. “Staying home” has taken on a whole new meaning, and our kitchen counters have quickly turned into makeshift desks and happy hour spots. But if there’s one upside to this crisis, it’s that with all the added time inside, we can finally test the limits of what we think we can cook.

True to form, everyone with a pan and a social media account is making their stove their happy place—meaning there’s more mouthwatering food inspo than ever. So whether you’re cooking for your vegan, plant-loving partner or dusting off the Le Creuset for a slow-roasted chicken with friends at a Netflix Party, here are 16 of the best healthy cookbooks to maybe (just maybe) coax you into actually picking up a new hobby.

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