14 Best Reusable Products to Make Your Home More Sustainable

One week we’re adding cozy sweaters sets and tropical plants to cart, the next we’re thinking about the best reusable products and what to stock our pantry with as we hunker down in the name of social distancing. We were already trying to do right by Mother Earth before the coronavirus upended our routines, but with most of us spending the majority of our day indoors, it’s clear just how much waste we create as we ease into our new normal.

Making a few quick swaps—like using beeswax wrapping paper to preserve half-eaten fruits and veggies—can help you cut down on cling wrap, while washable face rounds are a more sustainable option for taking off makeup (even if you haven’t worn any in a few days).

We’re not about to go cold turkey on single-use plastic—it’s truly hard to avoid—but if you want to lean into some eco-friendly alternatives, now’s as good a time as ever to start. Whether you’re trying to get a little spring cleaning done or simply make the most of your new WFH set up, here are 14 of the best reusable products to add to your favorite canvas tote.

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