Kelly Clarkson Announces Las Vegas Residency

Over the last few weeks, Kelly Clarkson has been flexing her vocal power during Kellyoke, a popular segment on her NBC variety show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, in which she does covers of big hits. She’s done impeccable takes on Lizzo’s “Juice,” Britney Spears’s “Till The World Ends,” and even a Hocus Pocus-inspired version of “I Put A Spell On You.” But this week, she surprised fans by briefly singing a medley of her songs—and it turns out, it was all part of a bigger announcement she’s had brewing for a while.

To make the announcement, Clarkson brought out a few full-feathered showgirls before turning to the audience with the good news. “You’re probably wondering two things: One, ‘Why are there showgirls here?’ And what I say to that is, ‘Why not?’ And two: ‘Why am I singing a medley of my own songs during Kellyoke?’ Because it’s super vain and weird. I usually don’t like doing them during Kellyoke, because I feel like a tool, but today there’s a reason, so I did it,” she said. “When I launched this show I heard from fans everywhere who were worried I’d stop putting out new music and touring. Well, don’t worry. I got you.”

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She continued excitedly, “I have a major announcement to make: I’ve scored my very own residency in Las Vegas.” The residency, she revealed, will be named “Invincible” after one of her songs. It’s set to run from April to September. It’s actually kicking off on April 1—Clarkson assured fans it’s not an elaborate April Fools joke—and it’ll take place at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Full dates and tickets were posted onto Clarkson’s website this week.

As Kellyoke has been reminding us, Clarkson is a seriously talented performer, and a Vegas residency sounds like the perfect thing for her. It’s coming at a time in which her TV show has been ranked fourth, according to Nielsen, among syndicated daytime talk shows, which means fans really want more Kelly.

“Not only am I getting to perform, I’m gonna get to play all the Wheel of Fortune slots, which is really my reason for going there,” the singer joked. “The gambling, the shows, the all-you-can-eat buffet, and crab legs, I love all of it.” She’ll be right at home.

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