9 Best Fall Nail Colors for 2019

While it might not feel like it yet—it’s currently a sweaty 88 degrees in New York City—today officially marks the first day of fall. Which means in addition to putting our sweaters and tall boots back rotation, the desire to trade in our summer neons for something darker and deeper suddenly just shot up tenfold. And while Lincoln Park After Dark will always be there for us, there are a slew of other new shades coming out right now that are great for the cooling weather. Think some of the classics like a perfect deep wine and neutral camel, but there are also a few surprises in store. Why not try crisp white? It might seem like more of a summer shade, but it makes an excellent backdrop for some fall nail art. Metallic blue and purples are also going strong this season, daring you to try something new before tucking your nails into mittens all winter.

We rounded up the shades Glamour editors will be wearing from now until Thanksgiving. Shop our favorites, below.

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