We All Agree Renata Is the Best Part of Big Little Lies, Right?

I love Renata Klein (Laura Dern) from Big Little Lies so much that I dressed up as her for Halloween in 2017. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration. When the time came around to pick a costume, only one person—or should I say legend—came to mind: Renata, Renata, Renata. Naturally, I pulled out all the stops for this look, bedazzling a T-shirt with sparkly gold letters to spell out “I SAID THANK YOU,” and even putting on an eye patch (to tribute the scene when Shailene Woodley’s character punches her, which I’m still not over.)

My Big Little Lies Renata costume. My two other friends went as Madeline and Celeste.

Like having a favorite Spice Girl or identifying with a specific woman on Sex and the City, everyone has a certain character on BLL whom they stan. Some love Madeline (Reese Witherspoon); others are obsessed with Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz); others feel for Celeste (Nicole Kidman); and when season two premieres on Sunday, June 9, a crop of fans will surely go hard for Meryl Streep’s character.

But all of these fandoms are incorrect. If I ask you who your favorite Big Little Lies character is and you say anything other than Renata Klein, then you’re just wrong. With her monochrome suits, biting one-liners and hair flips, Renata is a high-powered light in this dark, dark world. She’s Angelica’s mother from the Rugrats personified. Truly, she is. I’ve never been more jealous of a 7-year-old than I am of Amabella.

Laura Dern in Big Little Lies.

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