The Best ’90s Movies You Can Stream Right Now

If we could relive the ’90s every day, we would. We’re here for all of it: the chokers, the miniskirts, the baggy pants, the slew of pre-internet teen heartthrobs.

Sadly, we don’t have access to a time-travel machine, but we do have a ton of streaming services completely loaded with the best ’90s movies. And there are so many classics to choose from: There is, of course, Clueless, i.e., the absolute peak of the teen movie genre that features the decade’s most beloved heroine Cher Horowitz; the always comforting wackiness of Michael Jordan coaching the Looney Tunes in the epic basketball flick Space Jam; and then one of the lengthiest—but greatest—love stories of all time, Titanic.

Picking favorites is nearly impossible, given how many masterpieces came out of the era. Still, we waded through some of the best ’90s movies we could think of. Here’s what made the list. Happy streaming!

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