An Explosive Fire Erupted at the Coachella Campground Early Saturday Morning

A large fire broke out at Coachella around 2 A.M. PST Saturday morning, following the first night of the music festival. Festivalgoers say they heard explosions and noticed that a mobile shower area had gone up in flames, with one camper reportedly fleeing from the area in his towel and calling on others to get out.

The Riverside County Fire Department responded quickly, blocking off the area and making sure everyone was safe. They contained the fire by 2:28 A.M, according to their Twitter. The Evening Standard reports that the festival sent out an alert to campers telling them to “STAY AWAY” (emphasis Coachella’s) from the burning showers in lot 4B.

As of 9 A.M. EST, no injuries have been reported, thankfully, although the footage captured by those at the festival definitely looks terrifying.

According to the fire department, there were two mobile shower trailers involved, one of which was “damaged” and the other “destroyed.”

It’s still TBD exactly what caused the fire, though some festivalgoers seem to think it was a propane tank near the shower block.

We’ll update this post as we know more.

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