This Street-Style Trend Has Me on the Hunt for a Very Specific Dress

There’s a highly specific dress shape I’ve begun to notice lately. Internally, we’ve dubbed it the lampshade: pretty unremarkable up top (a round or square neckline, usually, without much embellishment), but with an extra-high, extra-voluminous skirt. It kept cropping up in street style dispatches from Copenhagen Fashion Week, largely due to show-goers (including Reese Blutstein and Jenny Walton) wearing Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen (this silhouette is one of her signatures), and it’s sent me on a quest for a dress just as roomy, that retains its purposefully-oversized shape—whatever the exact opposite of bodycon is.

You can wear it over T-shirts and sweaters, over jeans or trousers—the big skirt makes for easy and creative layering, whether you’re dressing for warmth or to play with the overall silhouette of your outfit. Or simply wear as-is: As you can see from street style, it makes for quite the eye-catching look.

Whatever you call it, this dress style is rising up on my list of not-quite-fall-essentials-I-still-absolutely-need-in-my-life. So here are 10 lampshade-esque pieces I’m eyeing right at this moment.

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