Serena Williams' Best Tennis Outfits of All Time

Tennis fashion has not only become a topic of conversation, it’s become a full-blown trend: Data site Lyst recently reported that searches for “tennis apparel” increased by 59 percent since 2017. But Serena Williams has been consistently innovating and pushing conventions on this category for decades, since her training days in the early ’90s.

Throughout her career, which spans 72 singles titles and 23 doubles titles, Williams has taken to the court in ROYGBIV dresses, statement jewelry, and, yes, catsuits. As her star has risen in the sport, so has her fashion credit—first with a Puma endorsement, then with a Nike sponsorship, which continues to this day. (Her 2018 U.S. Open uniforms are the result of a collaboration between her, Nike, and Virgil Abloh for Off-White.)

Over twenty-six years in the sports world’s spotlight, Williams hasn’t repeated a single look for her major matches. (Though, she has shown a preference for colorblocked dresses and coordinated sneakers.) And some of her outfits have incited controversy. But Williams doesn’t seem fazed by it—like she said in response to the French Open’s ban on one of her outfits: “When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.”

In honor of her eighteenth U.S. Open appearance, we’re looking back at Williams’ most epic tennis outfits of all time.

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