A Little Girl Wore a Pantsuit to Meet Hillary Clinton and Now We're Crying

Name a more iconic duo than Hillary Clinton and this pint-sized fan who came to meet her. We’ll wait.

At an event in Brooklyn promoting her children’s book, It Takes a Village, Clinton came face to face with a little girl in an incredible white pantsuit—an homage to the former presidential candidate’s signature campaign outfit. If you’re prepared to cry out an ocean of tears, feast your eyes on the photo:

Clinton shared the tweet on her own timeline, writing, “Great to be back in Brooklyn sharing #ItTakesAVillage with readers of all ages!”

It Takes A Village is a 28-page picture book adaptation of Clinton’s 1996 book of the same name. In it, a group of people set out to build a playground on an empty plot of land. “We all have a place in the village, a job to do, and a lot to learn,” Clinton writes in the book.

It was released the same day as Clinton’s much-anticipated election memoir, What Happened.

If this photo is any indication, one thing is certainly clear: Clinton may have lost the race for the White House, but her fans are still as supportive as ever.

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