Wood Buffalo National Park Affected by Anthrax Outbreak

Wood Buffalo National Park, anthrax outbreak

An anthrax outbreak in Wood Buffalo National Park has cost the lives of 52 bison so far, and there is no guarantee that the outbreak is over just yet. Parks Canada has reassured residents and visitors in the area that they are confident there is no risk for humans though. Most of the bison in the park that passed away because of the anthrax outbreak have been found in remote areas of the park, places where humans do not usually access. This helps eliminate the risk that people can contract the disease from the infected animals. The last bison found was over a week ago but that could change at any time. External relations manager for the park Mike Keizer confirmed that the park officials are not yet fully prepared to declare the anthrax outbreak over just yet.

Keizer explained the decision to hold off on declaring the anthrax outbreak at Wood Buffalo National Park over, saying“That could still change. When we see this many animals go down, we have more patrols and more flights. But there have been no new carcasses in the last week. In the context of this kind of anthrax outbreak, the type of anthrax that has been turned into a weapon is not relevant.” The park is still open to the public and tours are still being held as usual. Anthrax spores can be found naturally in the earth, and can survive underground for decades before surfacing and posing a problem to local wildlife and human residents.

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