Playing the Truth: Paz Vega on “Paulo Coelho’s Best Story”


The beautiful Paz Vega nearly steals “Paulo Coelho’s Best
Story,” the true story of the legendary author of “The Alchemist,” one of the
most translated books in the history of literature, opening in select cities this
weekend. The star of “Sex and Lucia,” “Spanglish” and “Talk to Her” took some
time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her process and
making a film about a literary legend.

How familiar were you
with Paulo Coehlo’s work before the film?

I read a lot of his books, especially his early works. I
like his characters and the plots. Also I like his style and the way I can
connect with his stories.

Why do you think his
voice continues to resonate?

I think because he writes about universal topics in a way
that everyone can understand. He has the ability to connect with people all
around the world. And just few writers can do that.

What attracted you to
the material?

When I read the script, I totally fell in love with the
story. I found the life of this man fascinating and the possibility to play
this mysterious woman intrigued me.

How much period
research did you do to make sure you were capturing the era correctly?

I didn’t have to think about the period much. I focused more
on just playing the truth in every scene. The period atmosphere comes with the
costumes, production design, make-up…

When you’re making a
film based on a true story do you feel a greater responsibility to “get it

Yes, because the people have in their mind the image of the
person I am playing. I think Julio
Andrade did an extraordinary job with this very difficult and challenging

What was the most
challenging aspect of this production?

Luiza represents several lovers of Paulo in his early life.
It is metaphorical character in a way… And in just few scenes, we had to
explain almost without words, so many things.

If every film is an
opportunity to learn something about your craft, what did you learn on this

This movie was my first work in Portuguese and I don’t speak
this language. When you work hard, you will be able to act in any language. It
is just a matter of time and commitment.

What’s next?

There are two movies coming up. “Emperor” with Adrien Brody
and “All Roads Lead to Rome” with Sarah Jessica Parker.



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